| Kvasir |

In Norse mythology, Kvasir is the spreader of knowledge, born from the gods' saliva. When he was killed, and his blood mixed with honey, the mixture became the Mead of Poetry, which imbued the drinker with skaldship (the gift of poetry) and wisdom. Kvasir is thus credited with the introduction of poetry to mankind, as well as being instrumental in the capture of Loki. Kvasir's connection to mead making was an obvious call to use the name in branding my up-and-coming meadery, and the tagline 'catch mischief' is a clever allusion to both the capture of Loki, as well as the nature of mead itself.

I chose a script and a sans serif for contrast between history and a modern touch. For extra modern touches, I chose a black stock with silver foil. Calligraphic elements were added for a flash of elegance and sophistication, used to showcase the upscale quality of the product. The business card is diecut in the same shape as the product packaging to connect design elements.