| Kvasir |

After establishing Kvasir as a meadery brand named after the god whose blood introduced mankind to poetry and mead, the packaging and bottles had to be just as profound. I began by choosing the bottle, the first and most prominent visual element in this type of product.

The hock bottle seemed to fit the bill: a tall and slender shape that dates back to at least the 1820's and 1830's, though it is primarily a shape used for white wines. I chose a striking clear frosted glass so that the color of the liquid would display vividly but still retain a level of protection from UV rays.

The next step was to design the label and method of attachment. The many stereotypical sticker labels available that can be seen on the market today seemed beneath the level of history, tradition, and mysticism I wished to convey. And therefore, I chose to implement a simpler tactic: a diecut business card attached via twine and wax.

This connected the label to the business stationary, as well as gave a streamlined and cohesive impression to the brand. The use of a bee emblem to stamp the wax further cements the role of honey in the product, and the use of black wax and foil stamped paper helps bring the ancient liquid into the modern age.